Homemade Healthy and holistic ingredients to add to your dogs food

Cabbage a cabbage

A member of the cruciferous veggie family, cabbage is a cancer-fighting food. Try steaming just a little cabbage and a put it in the list of your dog's dinner--add just a little amount though, so that it could not disturb your dog's tummy or have him clear the area with post-dinner flatulence. An excessive amount of cabbage is not good for your dog. It causes gas problems.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is useful if you are worried about their stomach. it won't upset your dog’s digestive system.

Dogs require meat for protein and fat as healthy fats provide energy for your canine. Dogs don't need carbohydrates for they rely on healthy fats. So why serve any grains? Read More

Red Peppers

This is the only thing that you and your pet love. Feed fresh and juicy peppers to them. These are full of vitamins and slices of these red peppers are attracted by dogs.



This brilliant orange veggie is rich in carotenoids, beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, fibre, vitamin A, and potassium. Either cook it in the broiler or get it canned, unsweetened, obviously (Be certain to not inadvertently buy pumpkin pie filler!). We like fruitables all-encompassing canned pumpkin supplements. Best of all, pumpkin can help your dog get more fit. Due to its high fiber and water, it can likewise help with constipation and diarrhoea. Start by giving a tablespoon or two of pureed pumpkin once a day. Pumpkin is additionally an extraordinary food to add to numerous homemade dog treats!


Lots of pet dogs love sugary, crispy apple slices--which is fantastic as apples contain calcium mineral, vitamin K, vitamin supplements C, and pectin (soluble fiber). Take away the seed products and primary, though; apple seed products and stems contain cyanogenic glycosides, so you will want to avoid making your dog ingest a couple of apple cores.


Pack an uncooked baby carrot or two for a great on-the-go dog treat. Or prepare food them and mash into the dog's meal for a great and healthy addition. Or freeze some baby carrots for a chilly nice treat that will obviously clean your dog's teeth. Options abound.


Cauliflower is one of the best foods in the list. It is not just about to feed your pet. It’s about to allow them to be happy and let them eat what they love. Yeah! They love cauliflower the most in the above-mentioned list of food.

Dehydrated Apricots

Dehydrated apricots are good for both humans and pets. Always control the amount as too much is less beneficial for the dogs. They contain enough amounts of the vitamins that are needed by a dog. Its better to feed them in dehydrated form as it will help your dog to prevent any damage to stomach of your pet.


Cheese is another good option as it is not expensive. A great treat for a dog as long as she isn't lactose intolerant, which a few are. Make sure you keep and eye your dog's reaction. for sure for low or reduced fat varieties and don't ever overfeed, as many cheeses can be high in fat. Cottage cheese is typically the number one choice. You should be careful when you are using cheese for your dog. Proper quantity is the better need. High-quality cheese biscuits are also a very good alternative try Cheese Fusions - Anco Fusions are a new variety of cold pressed, grain free and gluten free dog treats.

These are some of the healthy treats that you can use for your dog. Be careful about the quantity and quality of food that you are feeding. The above-provided list may help you select better food for your dog.