How to Choose the Right Dog Treats?

There are many ways to show your affection to your dog. Treats are the great and loving sign to show your love and care to them. These treats may be anything from a little homemade biscuit to a bite from your own plate. ( Although we don’t recommend Human food) You must be careful about what you are choosing for your dog.

Benefits of Treats

Dogs deserve good and caring behavior like all humans do. There are many treats that can be directly related to the health of your dog's teeth. This makes them happy and you feel proud. This little effort makes a strong and healthy bond between you and your dog. You feel well about providing what they need and they feel happy about taking care of you.

Negative aspects of Good and Healthy Treats When used for a long time

There are a number of treats that contains a high density of sugar and fats. Yeah, that's right. This may cause your dog to gain weight in a short period of time. Being Overweight is the biggest problem around the World for pets. This is due to the high quantity of fats and sugar in the mainstream dog treats business. Don’t worry though Dogs love treats are free from artificial colors, preservatives and flavouring. Our naturals range for example

Treating them Healthily

According to Jennifer Coates, your dog should have only 10 percent treats in a day and 90 percent of his diet should be his natural food. It matters both quantity and quality when you are choosing snacks for your dog. You must be aware of the calories in of the food that you are going to feed him.

Simple and Natural Dog Treats

Baby carrots and many other vegetables can also be treated sometimes. Don't try grapes, onion and garlic as they are highly toxic to for canines. By saying natural doesn't mean you can offer everything. You must need to keep in mind the pup's portion. Calorie limit is another issue as well. Don't feed them above their calorie limit.

Some of the Tips for Treating

  • Time to feed them is important as well. You can feed him after an equal interval of times. Don't cross the limit in such cases. Like humans, they do have stomach problems if the digestive system is not good. These problems occur when you don't care about the time.
  • Try to discuss your veterinarian if you are not sure what healthy or no healthy food for your dog is. Sometimes it happens when you think some food is healthy for you is healthy for your pup as well. It's natural but checking with your veterinarian is the best option in such cases.
  • Choose only those treats that are formulated for dogs.
  • Dog's basic nutrition need is the basic need than the treats.
  • These are some of the ways to keep in mind before selecting the treats. As there are a number of treats, do your best to make sensible choices. If your pet is eating a healthy meal it will definitely make his life rich.