Based in Fife in Scotland, Anco Distributors are fast becoming the independent pet stores number 1 choice for natural and holistic dog treats. Servicing over 1100 pet stores across the UK and a number of stores in Holland, Belgium and Denmark

Anco distributors are fast growing and have a new purpose built facility offering employment to over 18 staff, including office staff, warehouse operatives and Sale personnel. This way they can offer the best customers service.

Anco Naturals dog treats are a range of completely natural products. The naturals range are simply cut from the animal cleaned and dried. Their raw meaty bones and natural treats for dogs and pets provide a safe and simple way to add a treat to a healthy diet every day.

Anco dog treats over 20 years of expertise and Knowledge, Anco Naturals can assure the highest level of palatability, quality and nutrition with foods that nourish dogs the way nature intended.

All Anco Naturals products are free from artificial colourings, preservatives, flavourings and perfumes.